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Game Of Thrones is the highest grossing TV series in the world – which costs £10million per episode to make - and they are paying nothing more than poverty wages says GMB. [...]
We weren’t born yesterday; we can see that this is an attempt to cut back on the hard won rights of university staff says GMB. [...]
3,213 secretly blacklisted construction workers and environmentalists deserve to know exactly what role the police played says GMB. [...]
Get Sizewell Built
It’s an absolute no brainer that Britain will need at least six new nuclear plants says GMB. [...]
Morocco has illegally occupied Western Sahara for over 40 years and exiled 174,000 people says union. [...]
National Grid needs to be straight and stop using its support for an early ban on new petrol and diesel car sales as a Trojan horse for extra taxpayer cash to pay for ‘expensive’ and ‘difficult to co-ordinate’ new charging infrastructure says GMB. [...]
'Block GKN Takover'
Allowing the short term gain of speculators to influence the future of one of Britain’s oldest engineering firms sends a harsh message to GKN employees - that profits come before their job security says GMB. [...]
Öcalan has been in prison for 19 years, mostly in solitary confinement on Imrali Island, where for a number of years he has not had access to his family, lawyers or independent medical advice says GMB [...]
Only a Labour council can be trusted to keep our bin collections weekly and under public control says GMB [...]
Survation poll for GMB marking Article 50 anniversary reveals less than a third of the public think ministers have put jobs first in negotiations [...]

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